About Us

NY Breeder is a Westchester County, NY based purebred dog and puppy selling, breeding, and training company, founded by several people that are passionate about pets, specifically dogs! Ivan Kovach, the original dog trainer for the Israeli Army from the 1940’s, has trained pets of famous celebrities in the NYC area for over 50 years. Gary Newman has been in the NYC area training for the city and federal government since 1978. Recently, he has provided pet related consultant services to a 30 year old store in Westchester.

Combined they have over 80 years of experience in training and buying puppies. Their experience with both the puppies and the merchandise they carry is evident once you enter the beautiful new 4000 square foot facility located in the White Plains, lower Westchester area. The dog trainers and groomers of this new store have been carefully screened by the founders.

Please stop in for a bottle of water and speak to the consultants and staff. We eagerly await to help our new pet friendly neighbors purchase a new purebred puppy or dog!

Dog grooming and dog training services are available at our White Plains retail store. Walk-ins are always welcome and so are any questions.

Dogs have always been considered man’s best friend. They are emotional, loyal, playful and easy to train. However, people are often confused about what breed they should choose, and how to train them. If you want a dog, we will be your best choice. We offer purebred and designer breeds and dogs for sale & dog training in Westchester County, NY. We understand that making a dog an integral part of your family can be a major decision. Therefore, we will help you at every step.

When you’re looking for training or purebred dogs and puppies for sale in White Plains and Westchester County NY, we will be the perfect choice. We deal in all kinds of breeds to make sure you’re able to choose a dog suitable to your needs, requirements, and provide a loving environment to your new family member. We provide you with solid paperwork, and make sure the dogs are vaccinated. You can discuss everything with our staff members to make sure you don’t experience any problems after taking the dog home.

We understand that training will play an important to make sure both you and the dog are perfect companions to each other. Thus, we also provide purebred dog training in Westchester County NY to make sure your dog is properly trained. We will not only provide your dog with obedience training, but also focus on crate training, leash training and other aspects.

We have been offering pure breeds and designer breed puppies, training, and sound advice to the residents of Westchester County, NY for many years. This has allowed us to master the art of handling various breeds, and finding perfect homes for them. We make sure you and the dog are a perfect match for each other. We are not only concerned about making the dog a part of your family, but also make sure it’s in a healthy environment. Thus, you can reach us for follow ups whenever you experience any problems. We will always be happy to help with purebred dogs and puppy sales or training in Westchester, NY.

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