Our Breeds

Individuals often need puppies and dogs when they are looking for dogs they are looking to add to their family. Those who are looking for puppies for sale in Westchester NY, can find a variety of pedigreed dogs that are pure bred and awesome. Pick from the best breeders when you are looking for quality dogs to add to your family or possibly use as show dogs. NY breeders have a variety of dogs for sale. We also specialize in teacup dogs. We are animal lovers and are committed to giving owners and pets both, the best of circumstances. We have a large variety of dogs that come from quality breeders and can allow you to have the pet that will add joy to your life.

We have a large variety of dogs that you can choose from, from Tea Cup Poodles to German Shepherds, and these dogs will be a positive addition to your life. We also offer training for dogs, and think that training is the best way to encourage your dog to be a positive addition to your life. We at NY breeders will make sure you find the best of matches you can get when you choose to use our services and get puppies for sale in Westchester NY.

Take the time to get a positive match between you and your dog, when you use our service. NY breeders believe in the human and pet bond. We know that your pets are important to you and part of your family and this is why NY pet breeders also offer the best in organic and natural foods for your canine companions. These are the things you will look forward to with your pets. Make sure you have the options to adopt your pet and keep them happy, healthy and safe. NY breeders Ivan Kovach and Gary Newman have over 80 years of experience training and buying puppies. It is safe to say that we know dogs, and what characteristics make great pets.

We have a beautiful new 4000 square foot facility located in the White Plains area. We have some of the finest in foods, and supplies, and also offer MeetUp groups for dog owners to meet each other and exchange information. Buy your pet supplies from us, and meet some of your dog friendly neighbors, and talk dog. We will be glad to welcome you at any time. Purchase your next canine companion from NY breeder and know that you will have a companion for life, that will positively impact your life and the world around you.