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NY Breeders has an amazing team of experienced and talented trainers. Under the supervision Ivan Kovach and Gary Nudelman, who are recognized leaders in the field of dog training, behavior and obedience in New York City.

Gary has trained dogs since 1978 and is a highly sought after consultant in the New York City dog training scene and is very knowledgeable about the best breeding practices.

Ivan has been the dog trainer of choice for some of New York’s most famous celebrities (and their pets).

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Free Dog Training w/ Purchase

As a special service to all our customers, we offer a free lifetime dog training, obedience and behavior program in New York City when you buy a new pet, ensuring a lasting bond with your new puppy.

In addition to the quality of life training, our training program focuses on essential skills to help you create a positive and loving relationship with your dog.

Our flexible and friendly dog training, obedience and behavior program sessions in New York City will not interfere with your busy schedule.

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