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Dog Training

Our New York City pet shop offers grooming, products and life time complimentary dog training with every new dog purchase. We have relationships with many different trainers and as a New York City pet shop, we can prepare a dog for anything from a show to police work with our grooming services and pet products.

When your dog is having a bad hair day, trust the professionals at NYC Breeders to get them ready for a night on the town. Our New York City pet shop groomer works with you to develop a style that meets your needs. Whether we’re grooming a show dog, or even a couch dog, they all get the same treatment.

Pet Grooming

Pet Products

We offer a wide variety of pet products including the following:
-Collars, Leases, etc.

All of our dog products at our New York City pet shop have been reviewed and approved by industry veterans. You can rest assured these products are the best in the world.