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NY Breeder is your preeminent source for purebred or mixed German Shepherds puppies in White Plains!

German Shepherds while puppies or full-grown adults are an enjoyable dog for singles, couples, or families alike.

Giant babies, they are adorable as pups. Friendly or cuddly, the breed is a perpetual toddlers are terrific pets from puppy through adulthood.


The German Shepherd is a part of the class of working dog.

They were first bred in Germany with origins dating back to 1899.

After WW 1 until the 1970s, the German shepherd was also known as an Alsatian.

Shepherd’s have a primitive wolf-like appearance.

A strong breed, they were originally bred as farm dogs to herd sheep. , Very intelligent, and trainable the Shepherd a preferred breed for work in police and in the military.

German Shepherds are devoted, faithful, and courageous.

This breed can excel at almost anything if trained appropriately. Shepherds are terrific companions for handicapped people and also enjoy competitive sports competition. In this area they are sure-fire winners.

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German Shepherds can rather large and are long from nose to tail rather than tall.

The muzzle can be square-shaped. They traditionally have a domed-shaped head, black nose, and large soulful dark colored eyes with big ears and a bushy tail.

The German Shepherd has a medium or long-haired double coat which keeps them warm as it is Long-hair is considered a fault for showing in competition.

Colors can range from tan and black to red and black.

Other colors while rare, are sable, pure-black or white, liver, silver, blue, and panda. The German Shepherd ranges in size including king-sized, large, giant, big-boned, miniature or baby-sized.


German Shepherds love children. They can be unfriendly around other dogs, if protecting your little ones. Their curiosity makes the Shepherd a good search or guard dog. Socialize them as puppies since they can be overprotective and territorial.

Care and Feeding

The German Shepard will shed, so you will have dog hair in your house and on clothing. Brush your pet daily to maintain its furry coat. It also requires monthly grooming and loves a good bath.

German Shepherds can have hip dysplasia, stomach bloat, and cataracts. They enjoy homemade dog food including meat, fish, poultry, plus meaty bones, for balanced meals that are protein-filled and nutirious. Shepherds crave plain yogurt, eggs, or cottage cheese.

While puppies, feed them a few times per day. As they grow, wean your pup to one meal per day with treats. If you give them dry kibble make sure it’s a good quality containing no wheat. Shepherds can live very long lives if well cared for.

Full or Mixed Breed

German Shepherds can be in traditional or miniature sized. In mixes they are will excellent companions and playmates. These mixes include the Husky, Golden Retriever, Collie, St. Bernard, Doberman, Rottweiler, or Pit-Bull Shepherds.

NY Breeder ( will give you expert advice when it comes to feeding and caring for your new German Shepherd puppy. The German Shepherd will give you many years of joy between puppy and full adulthood.

NY Breeder specializes in toy, miniature, and standard breeds of all types including the German Shepherd. They are open and ready to serve your needs as well as answer all questions you have about your new German Shepherd puppy. They also offer grooming and dog training services in a group or individual setting.

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