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A tiny fluffy ball that enjoys snuggling as a pup or adult dog, the Mal- Shi is the perfect dog for families, and couples. Young and old alike are entranced by the Mal-Shi’s playful temperament.  A definite new friend magnet,

your Mal-Shi pup or adult dog will help you make many as you walk through New York City or hang out at a café. Mal-Shi are the perfect dog for apartment dwellers with limited space. You will enjoy many happy hours on the couch relaxing with your Mal-Shi.


Since the Mal-Shi is a cross between Maltese and Shih Tzu it is considered a true hybrid. Their genetic parental influences make it difficult to ascertain until born, whether your Mal-Shi will be more like a Shih Tzu or like a Maltese. To continue uniformity in the bloodline, breeders use care when addressing this issue, Since the Mal-Shi is a crossbreed is not recognized as a competition dog by AKC or other competition agencies.

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Mal-Shi have a silky coat that is wavy and long. Softness is also a prevailing factor in its coat which is normally colored tan with white, black, or brown interspersed throughout. You must brush your Mal-Shi to maintain the coat and keep it from snarls. This is a low-shedding breed.


A tiny dog that has a tendency to dominate your life, you must establish yourself as the pack leader while it is a puppy. Just like its parent breeds, the Malshi is very devoted to its owner. As puppies, the breed has a tendency to be stubborn during training so it is important to train your new Mal-Shi early on. This is a dog with no fear that will bark when they sense something is amiss. Since this is a small dog they are best for older children, singles, and couples of any age.

Mal-Shi are wary of strangers so socialize them while they are young. They enjoy other animals in the household and other dogs that they meet, yet are wary of strangers.

Crate training is necessary since this breed can have anxiety when separated from its caregiver or constant companion.

Care and Feeding

Mal-Shi can inherit issues that affect the health of their parent breeds so consult your vet or breeder on this. Dental hygiene is extremely important to keep it from losing teeth early in life. Mal-Shi can have slipped stifle, breathing and eye issues, and some skin issues. In warm weather, keep your pet in an air-conditioned space for its breathing issues and clean around its eyes to prevent tear stains.

As to exercise, this breed can be a very laid back or intent on pacing you, Walk or play a game of catch with your Mal-Shi daily. This will truly help you bond with your Mal-Shi puppy.

Mal-Shi must be fed a portion of good quality food each day. Look for a kibble specific to smaller breed dogs as puppies. Until your new Mal-Shi reaches 1 year of age the amount you feed them must be spread out and divided over two meals between ¼ and 1/2cup of kibble maximum. Check their weight often wince they can gain rapidly; normal weight is 6-12 pounds. Mal-Shi have a life span of 12-14 years. The experts at NY Breeder can recommend the most nutritious food for your new Mal-Shi dog.

NY Breeder specializes in the toy, miniature, and standard breeds, including Mal- Shi. They are open and ready to serve your needs as well as answer all questions you have about your new Mal-Shi puppy. They also offer grooming and dog training services in a group or individual setting.

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