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A great choice for New York City apartment dwellers is a Pug. With its compact body and cute face, you will want to snuggle with your new Pug puppy all day. Walking through the city with your new Pug is certain to win you compliments and new friends.


The word Pug comes from Latin which means “fist”. Pugs are decedents from mastiffs and were originally bred as a pet for Emperor’s in the Shang Dynasty between 1766-1122 B.C. They are also known as the Carlin or Chinese Pug. They are the only breed of toy dog that descend from large mastiffs. Pugs are known to have been used as guard dogs, scent hounds and “coach footmen”. They have been recognized as a breed by the AKC since 1885. Today the Pug has become popular with the masses as a pet, adorning the couches of many a home.

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With a compact and sturdy body with a lot of muscle. Pugs have round heads, large soulful eyes, a wrinkled forehead, square muzzle, a mild under-bite, and a square-shaped muzzle. Their tail curls over their back. When fully grown they can be 14 inches tall and can weigh up to 15 pounds.

The Pug has a short coat that can be in various colors including fawn, silver, black, or apricot with a black mask. Generally, Pugs are not heavy shedders, however, they do shed annually.

Fawn colored Pugs are also known as “fawnies”. This part of the bred has a double-layered coat and can be a heavy
hedder, so you will have to groom them and bathe them with special shampoos to control shedding. Due to their small squished-in muzzle the can wheeze or snore.


A sociable and intelligent pet, the Pug is a relatively easygoing breed with a big personality in a small body.

They require socialization and do not enjoy being ignored so do ensure that you attend to this while your Pug is still a puppy. The Pug is an excellent family dog that loves children, household pets, and other dogs. A true lap-dog, your Pug will want to be at your side often so be prepared to have your new pet with you frequently. Due to its size, your Pug is suited for apartment life, although it does enjoy a romp outside.

Care and Feeding

Brushing with a rubber brush will help remove stray hair and keep down shedding. Pug salso require a special face lotion to keep their creases from becoming dry and cracked. Due to the shape of the Pug’s face, they can be susceptible to eye and breathing issues. They can also be prone to obesity so a healthy diet and exercise are a must for your new Pug.

Never keep your Pug in a hot car or leave it outside in hot weather since it does not dissipate heat well. Pugs can also have a condition known as reverse sneezing. If this occurs gently rub your Pug’s throat and talk to it gently to keep it calm. If well cared for your new Pug can live between 12-15 years of age.

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