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NY Breeder (NYBreeder.com) is your preeminent source for pure-bred Puggle puppy.

New York City small apartment dwellers will adore the Puggle. It is an excellent choice with cute looks and a fun, loving temperament. The Puggle is also loyal and intelligent making this breed a making this dog a terrific choice for families, singles and couples, too. Place the Puggle as a dog for your city lifestyle at the top of your list.


This is a portmanteau or designer dog by nature since it is a cross between two much loved breeds – the beagle and the pug. A breed from Wisconsin named Wallace Havens started crossbreeding pugs and beagles in 1980 and became the first breeder to register the Puggle as a breed with the American Canine Hybrid Club. Since the year 2000 the breed has been sold commercially yet they do not have status with any other dog registries due to their crossbreeding.

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Bred in a variety of colors and based on the predominant color genes of the parent, Puggles can be fawn, tan or black. Their noses can be a longer type snout like the Beagle or shorter, like the Pug. They can be inquisitive and active like both of their parent breeds.


The Puggle is an exceptional family dog that loves children and can be very affectionate companions to older people. The will sniff out things given their inherent beagle side. They are also excellent jumpers similar to a Jack Russell. You must train your Puggle, since they can have a stubborn resistance to commands. Fully mature, a Puggle can be small at 14 pounds 8 inches, or larger at 40 pounds, 15 inches tall. Once again this depends on the parent gene predominant in weight and height. They enjoy walks, yet have low exercise requirements. The Puggle also has a high internal temperature and may require water more frequently, especially during walks or exercise. As a lap-dog, your Puggle as a puppy through adulthood will want to cuddle and be your BBF.

Care and Feeding

Puggles shed so you will have to brush them frequently to keep their coat looking good. They must be bathed and groomed at least one time per month.

Since they love to sniff and you find them up to their ears in dirt if they are out in the garden, do ensure that their nose and ears are kept clean.

Just as with any small designer dog, feed your Puggle puppy smaller meals four times per day, especially after being weaned. You can eliminate one meal gradually it gets to adulthood. An adult your Puggle needs two meals per day.

Make certain their kibble does not contain wheat. It will not hurt to give them an egg in their chow or even a piece of boiled chicken breast without seasoning. Puggles like treats daily yet don’t overdo it.

Puggles can inherit a condition called cherry eye. A reputable breeder such as NY Breeders can test DNA for the condition.

They can sometimes have hip dysplysia and may have bronchial or respiratory issues such as reverse sneezing, non-life threatening disorder. A Puggle can live from 10-15 years of age.

Suited for young and old alike, your Puggle will provide you with a lifetime of fun and enjoyment.

NY Breeder (NYBreeder.com) will give you expert advice when it comes to feeding and caring for your new Puggle puppy. The Puggle will give you many years of joy between puppy and full adulthood. NY Breeder specializes in toy, miniature, and standard breeds of all types including the German shepherd. They are open and ready to serve your needs as well as answer all questions you have about your new Puggle puppy. They also offer grooming and dog training services in a group or individual setting.

NY Breeder is located in White Plains, NY. Their address is 45 Tarrytown Road. Contact them at 914-935-7410, email them at info@nybreeder.com. Visit them today! Your unique Puggle puppy awaits you and your family and can’t wait to meet you.