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Shih Tzu in Chinese means “Tiny Lion” and these dogs certainly look like just that!

A smaller breed with immense cuteness, the Shih Tzu, can weigh between 9-6 pounds, grow 8 to 11 inches tall. They are also very solid dogs.

Pronounced “sheed-zoo”, this breed has a multi-colored coat. If you live in a small apartment the Shih Tzu is a good choice since they were originally bred to spend their days inside the royal palace. While other breeds might acclimate toward chasing cats or digging holes in your garden, a Shih Tzu can sit in your lap all day acting adorable. Friends and family will want to play with your new buddy who will give you a lifetime of satisfaction.


This dog was bred as a lapdog for Chinese royalty as shown in oriental art. The breed is a cross between the Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. The Lhasa Apso is a Tibetan dog that was brought to China as a gist to its Emperors by the gifted by the Dalai Lama during the 17th century. The breed was introduced in England and Norway during the 1930’s and was classified by the Kennel Club as “Apsos”. In 1935, the Shih Tzu Club was created in England

After WWII US military members brought back from Europe and Asia. By 1969 the breed was recognized as a part of the Toy/Teacup/Miniature Group by the AKC.

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Shih Tzu are adorable in any stage of life and it is important that you know how to care for your new pup. Take the time to research the breed to ensure that it is the appropriate one for you. This is a good bred for singles and couples alike. It is also very good for children since it loves to play, so Shih Tzu make great family pets.


Shih Tzu are highly intelligent and loyal dogs. You must commit to training your pup early since the breed can be willful. Consistency and reinforcement is key to having good results. .Make sure that you have plenty of chew toys on hand, especially during teething so your Manalo Blahnik’s or Sperry Topsider’s do not become your pet’s personal favorite.

Care and Feeding

Do ensure that you are able to afford grooming for your new Shih Tzu, since they must be brushed and bathed regularly to maintain their lion-like coat. Their silky fur can become matted if not cared for by yourself or a groomer. Since Shih Tzu’s “fur” is really human-like hair it is important to maintain it daily since it does not shed, which is great for your furniture and clothing.

After playtime, your Shih Tzu will want lots of snuggle and petting time, so be prepared for a lap-dog that will be like a child – in its puppy and adult stages. As pups, they are so cute you may find friends and family wanting to hold and pet them. As adults, you will find that your Shih Tzu is extremely loyal and will guard you faithfully, so ensure that those who are in your family or circle of friends are introduced to your new pup while it is young.

Over-pampering with food and treats is not recommended, however, as you train your pup, a nourishing treat will allow for good obedience as well as a healthy dog. Your best bet is to consult with your breeder and vet, to ensure your dog gets the good nutrition it deserves.. As your pet becomes 10-12 months of age, they are considered mature and can take on an adult diet. Dog life is 7 years to 1 year of physical life so as your Shih Tzu ages the right food will ensure longevity. Most Shih Tzu’s have a life span of 13- 16 years. The oldest living Shih Tzu on record lived to be 23 years.

Shih Tzu are prone to thyroid and spinal issues, so exercise is imperative.

Since the Shih Tzu has an unusually formed face and head they may sound like they are breathing heavily or develop bronchial issues – this is common in dogs with short snouts. Keep the fur around their eyes clean and trimmed so they do not develop allergies or other eye issues. Do discuss all the health concerns you may have about your new Shih Tzu puppy.

NY Breeder ( can provide information on the parents of your Shih Tzu pup, to ensure you get a healthy and happy dog.

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