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This furry ball of loyalty with a silky coat is a designer dog crossed between the Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier whose appearance will vary based on the predominant parent gene. Shorkies are normally very energetic and feisty with a big personality. This breed is suited for adult singles or couples, the Shorkie is the perfect pet for New York City apartment dwellers with small spaces. Your Shorkie will gain you lots of new friends as you walk around the city due to its tiny size and appearance.

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Cuteness abounds in this small creature and you will want to pick it up and cuddle it frequently. Shorkies are very sweet-natured, loving, and oriented to their owner. As a tiny toy dog, they can be wary of children and must be socialized with other household pets and dogs before activity. Your Shorkie will be very affectionate and will want to be picked up and carried often. Because of the Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix in your Shorkie, your new pet will enjoy bossing you around and maybe stubborn, especially during training. It will be best to set yourself as the pack leader so your Shorkie does not become ruler of the roost!

Care and Feeding

Since Shorkie’s have a long coat that tangles easily they must be bathed and brushed frequently. Make sure to also clip their nails and keep their eyes clean. As a tea-cup breed, they can be hard to housebreak. Using a box in the house that they can climb into or newspaper, while your Shorkie is a puppy, should help in this area. Shorkies respond best to gentle training since they have a tendency to be slightly nervous. Do not yell at your Shorkie since it will not acclimate toward a harsh tone of voice.

Like its descendent breed the Yorkie, Shorkies have a tendency toward tooth loss so ensure good dental hygiene. As a small dog, you may want to walk them with a harness rather than a collar and make certain they do not get hurt with rough-house play.

As a true lapdog, your Shorkie will want to snuggle and enjoys quality time with its owner. The Shorkie is not an overly active dog that prefers being inside, however, they should’ve walked and required some playtime outside. Prepare a safe spot in a basket for your Shorkie to sleep, so when it is on the couch or in bed with you it does not get squashed. Shorkies do not enjoy being left alone, so you may find yourself bringing your BBF to the office and traveling with your Shorkie frequently. If this is the case, get them a well-constructed carrier so they are protected.

As an adult dog, your Shorkie will stand 9-11 inches high, and weigh anywhere from 5 to 12 pounds. With proper care, your SHorkie can live from11-16 years of age.

Like any new puppy, Shorkies require quality kibble and should be fed a third of a cup of kibble spread out over several meals. Do not feed your Shorkie sweets or people’s food as they have a tendency toward obesity and diabetes. NY Breeder can discuss the unique feeding needs of your new Shorkie puppy with you.

The Shorkie enjoys spending time with their owner. They enjoy short walks and/or playtime in the yard. They are not very active dogs and enjoy their time indoors.

NY Breeder specializes in the toy, miniature, and standard breeds, including Shorkies. They are open and ready to serve your needs as well as answer all questions you have about your new Shorkie puppy. They also offer grooming and dog training services in a group or individual setting.

NY Breeder is located in White Plains, NY at 45 Tarrytown Road. Contact them at 914-935-7410, email them at, or visit them today! Your new Shorkie puppy awaits you and your family!