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NY Breeder ( is your preeminent source for pure-bred standard or miniature Siberian huskies! A breed unto itself,

Huskies are considered a terrific family and companion animal. If you seek a fun playmate then a Siberian husky puppy is a great choice.

For those of you who reside in NYC, this great town is a winter wonderland during the months of December, January, and February. It is especially fun for those of you who enjoy Central Park and its hinterlands during winter months. A Siberian husky puppy is just the thing for you and your loved ones to go sled-mushing through the park and snow-shoeing up Fifth Avenue.

This breed will offer much fun for you and your loved ones.


The Siberian husky, (pronounced Sibirskiy Khaski in Russian), is known as a working dogs. It is medium to large when full grown. This breed of working dog is the fastest and lightest of all sled dogs.

A loyal and calm companion, your new Siberian husky puppy requires much exercise. Highly prized and recognized for its thick furry coat, the Siberian husky is known as an elegant dog with its distinct color, markings and triangle shaped ears that stand at attention. The Husky is much smaller in size than the Alaskan malamute even though they appear similar. They also bear a resemblance to another ancestor, the wolf. A resilient, energetic, and highly active dog, the Husky is a great companion.

Originating in the North-Eastern part of Siberia, the Husky were breed by Cuchuki Eskimos for sled-pulling, and as a guard dog. The Cuchuki employed the dogs for hunting and sled pulling. Since the Cuchuki had an isolated life, they bred top-notch lead dogs, ensuring that the gene pool of this breed remained intact for many years.

The Siberian husky came to America during the Alaskan Gold Rush. They were brought to the U.S. by Russian fur-trader, William Goosak. Since the Gold Rush period the Husky has become a go-to breed for those dog lovers with active outdoorsy lifestyles.

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Siberian huskies have a double layered coat which makes it resistant to freezing cold temperatures.A dense, soft undercoat on its belly, the top-coat fur is short with guard hairs. Its fox brush shaped tail is very furry. Popular colors for the Husky are red, brown and white. In today’s breeding, one can even find Siberian Huskies that have curly coats. The husky’s eyes are also one of its most striking features. They are almond-shaped and can range from brown, blue or parti-colored. Sometimes the eyes will be one of each color. The Siberian husky also has white markings on its paws, face, and the tip of its tail.


Your new addition to the family will be a bundle of joy with high energy and lots of stamina. A Siberian husky requires some type of vigorous daily exercise to keep it healthy and to prevent behavior issues. Exercise should be oriented to the breed’s proclivities and natural instincts to keep them mentally stimulated and physically fit. While you probably won’t be able to attach them to a sled when it’s not winter, do take them on a morning jog or afternoon run at a favorite dog park. Skateboarding is an option you can try out with your Siberian husky pulling you along. Since the Siberian husky is a working breed dog and is used for pulling sleds in it is a pack animal. It requires companionship and since they learn well, your new puppy will be a great family dog. It is also child-friendly since the breed is very alert, friendly, and gentle. This breed is most acclimated to a home where children can play with them and they have a yard to enjoy to burn off excess energy. It is best not to have smaller pets around your Siberian husky puppy or adult since they have a hunting instinct. This includes smaller fur-covered critters like hamsters or birds such as parakeets or budgies.

Care and Feeding:

Typically the Siberian husky is a very hardy breed so it is susceptible to a few genetic issues such as hip dysplasia, eye issues, and possible seizures. Ensure that your husky pup gets nutritious and wholesome food right from the start and is weaned properly so as to not have digestive issues. It is recommended that you start them off with small frequent meals over the first year of growth. Gradually pull back to just one meal a day with several treats in between for the first year of their growth. Make certain that your new pet is not over-or under-weight, and if this is the case, get your pet checked by your veterinarian.

Traditional or Miniature Size:

For apartment dwellers in New York City with limited space, you may want to consider getting a toy or miniature Siberian Husky The breed is offered in three sizes including the Toy Siberian Husky, which when full- grown stands 13 inches in height, Mini Siberian husky, which when full-grown stand between 13-15 inches in height, and the Standard Siberian husky, which when full-grown stands 17 inches in height.

Life Expectancy:

As your husky grows you will want to get it all of its vaccinations to ensure it remains healthy for its lifetime which could be up to 10 years.

NY Breeder ( give you expert advice when it comes to feeding and caring for your new Siberian husky puppy. The Siberian husky will give you many years of joy between puppy and full adulthood. NY Breeder specializes in toy, miniature, and standard breeds of all types including the Siberian husky. They are open and ready to serve your needs as well as answer all questions you have about your new Siberian husky puppy. They also offer grooming and dog training services in a group or individual setting.

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