Soft-coated wheaten terrier Puppies

Soft-coated wheaten terrier Puppies for Sale

NY Breeder ( is your preeminent source for soft-coated Wheaten terrier puppies.

The Wheaten is a love-bug of a breed,especially as puppies. It is a fluffy and adorable companion that if allowed will snuggle all day in your arms just as any baby enjoys. You will have a BBF for life with this perfect sized dog for New York apartment dwellers, as a pup and as an adult.


In terms of its origin, the Wheaten terrier is the oldest of all the terrier breeds known to the dog breeding community. They are common in ancestry to Kerry Blue and Irish terriers that are a staple in the terrier breeding world. 

Originating in Ireland, they were known as the “poor man’s wolf hound” since they were not popular among the rich. They were used as guard dogs, and to herd cattle.

The breed began to die out in 1932, so Irish breeders attempted to keep the bloodline going.  As of 1937, the Irish Kennel Club recognized the soft-coat Wheaten terrier as a breed unto itself. By 1939 the breed was imported to Great Britain and by 1943 was finally recognized as a breed by the British Kennel Club.

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This dog is popular for its luxurious coat that can appear like very loose curls. The cat is soft and can be oriented to a variety of colors. Those colors maybe reddish brown, mahogany or white when they are a puppies. They will always have black muzzles and dark brown ear coloring. If they are born with a reddish- brown coat, the Wheaten terrier puppy’s coat will change from this to a golden wheat color. They will also have guard hairs in white and black that will appear throughout its coat.

If for any reason your Wheaten terrier soft-coat injures its skin, the hair grows back to the color it was born with and then will fade back to the wheat color. There is also a breed of Wheaten with a heavier coat that requires much grooming and maintenance so you are better off choosing a soft-coat Wheaten terrier puppy.

You will have to keep your Wheaten’s coat trimmed in warm weather since they do not acclimate well to hot temperatures. In cooler or extreme cold temperatures you must keep them warm.

These are very hardy dogs due to their parent lineage, yet they can be stubborn when learning commands and tend to wander if not leash trained. Start training early on to ensure that you will have a well-behaved companion.

Ranging from 17-20 inches tall, the full grown soft-coat Wheaten terrier can weigh between 30-45 pounds.


Bouncy and full of fun while having a good nature, your soft-coat Wheaten terrier has a happy-go-luck attitude. This breed is known to be somewhat scrappy and willful however, they are eager to please their owner. For this reason they also make good service dogs if trained for this purpose.

Wheaten’s are natural people magnets ad are known to be terrific family dogs, although they do not enjoy being left alone for long periods. Their exercise quotient is moderate, however they do require a walk daily. Take them for a lite jog or leisurely stroll around Manhattan and see how many new friends you make. As you get to know and understand the soft-coat Wheaten terrier’s unique personality this is a breed that is certain to be your favorite dog of all time!

Care and Feeding

NY Breeder can offer you expert advice in this area since your soft-coat Wheaten terrier has special requirements when it comes to food. Puppies require several meals per day of a nutritious meat based kibble. Never feed your new puppy adult food since it will cause damage later. This breed is prone to digestive issues including irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) so ensure that you discuss food needs with your breeder and vet.

Maintain the coat of your new puppy to get it used to brushing, bathing a grooming. Since this is a fairly mellow dog as a pup, treat it like a sweet baby while it is young and be gentle n handling it. This fur-ball will love you for taking good care of it well into its older age.

NY Breeder specializes in toy, miniature, and standard breeds of all types with soft-coat Wheaten terriers being a specialty. They are open and ready to serve your needs and will answer all questions about your new soft-coat Wheaten terrier puppy. NY breeder also offers grooming and dog training services in an individual or group setting.

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