The Top 3 Myths About Puppy Stores and How NY Breeder Overcomes Them All

When you have a well established puppy store and are in business for over 30 years, you become an automatic target by a lot of people who say things that are misguided or simply not true at all. The same is true for NY Breeder – like many puppy stores, we’ve become the target of many false accusations , so we’d like to take the time to go through the 3 top myths about pet stores, and how NY Breeder Overcomes them all.

First, people often say that Puppy Stores Get Their Dogs From Puppy Mills

To clarify, [definition] puppy mill is a breeder that raises their puppies in very, very filthy and unsanitary conditions. In the State of New York, Puppy Stores [we] are required to provide [you] their customers with the names and addresses of the breeders themselves, so that [it] is NEVER a question of quality, or where the puppy came from. We only buy from the best breeders out there, and that’s why we have thousands of happy customers over 31 years. We would NEVER buy from what’s called a “puppy mill.”

The second myth is that the store is unclean.

While this may occur at other facilities, that is not the case at NY Breeder. At any given time, we have 3 people on staff: constantly monitoring kennel maintenance who all work full time, every day. Their job: is specifically to monitor the puppies, clean cages, brush and groom the dogs. On top of that, each and every dog at our store has their water changed multiple times a day and are groomed, socialized and exercised every single day.

The third myth is that the store doesn’t care about their dogs or their puppies are sick.

We pay extreme attention when it comes to the health and quality of our puppies. In fact, each and every week, we have a veterinarian who visits our store at a MINIMUM of once per week, that examines and checks on every single puppy to ensure that each puppy is healthy, and happy.

At NY Breeder, we take pride in every one of our registered pedigree and designer puppies. We also guarantee that each and every puppy that we have comes vaccinated, de-wormed, and warrantied until they’re 18 months old, and, to sweeten the deal, after you purchase a puppy from us, you receive [you get] a free grooming, a free visit to the veterinarian, and free training for life which includes house-breaking, biting, chewing, jumping, and barking – pretty much anything to do with the quality of life of both you, and your new best friend. So if you’re looking for a puppy here in Westchester New York, give us a call or visit our store, we look forward to helping you find a beautiful, and healthy puppy. Thanks for watching and we hope to see you soon.

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In addition to puppies for sale Westchester NY, we also provide dog training and dog grooming services. So, if you decide to buy your new puppy from us, we will help you train it and even give you exclusive specials on dog grooming!

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